My name is Justin Labade, I specialize in Surf and Storm photos but enjoy all aspects and technicalities photography. I have been chasing storms since 2016 and recently acquired equipment to start doing water photography allowing me to capture local friends and surfers.

I have been featured on Canon's instagram multiple times and also been featured on our local surf forecasting website Gulfster.com I have also been featured in magazines for interior design shots. 

I am a born and raised Floridian. I have lived on the Gulf coast of florida my whole life. I enjoy being active outdoors and have a passion for Surfing, Skateboard, Mountain Biking and boating. I have grown up around the ocean and find some of my best memories are with usually spent in or around the water.

Growing up in the Tampa Bay Area also opened my eyes to the beauty and power of weather. Specifically thunderstorms. In 2016 I bought my first professional camera and began capturing storms with a group of other storm chasers called Big Bolt Media. We chased all over Florida capturing some of the most intense thunderstorms I've witnessed.

Justin you capture the most amazing moments! Great job! Reminds me of being home. Keep it up ❤

Sara Mann